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Diamond in the Rough - 13. September. 2021

Well guys we are back on the blender after hopefully having a nice weekend, so to start your weekend off we had a very grippy workout for you where,We move our body through space, the closer we keep our limbs to the body the easier it becomes to pull and push. When we move an object through space, the closer we keep the body to our body, the easier it becomes to pull and push. We call shortening this the mechanical advantage. The longer the level (the body part or object), the heavier and more challenging it becomes to move the load. Today was the focus on this theme for Muscle up, Devil press, and DB box step ups

Berit had her first time at the rings today and had made that step forward in her journey to do something new for herself


We had a celebration today our old coach and long time member Katrine Jacobsen had her Birthday Today, To have her day she done some lifting. Happy Birthday Katrine, Enjoy your day

We are selling liquid chalk for those who are needing it, it will be 199kr and if you want some ask a coach and pay it on the ipad with vipps. we will happily help you and get the tools you need for training, also we have triggerballs and grips to help you along your training here at verftet.

Mart had decided he is not a coffee person, so to fix that he wanted Tea and fixed some tea bags. With a kettle also, so if you guys want tea it is there for you. We would like to inform members that we have back checked the nocco fridge and it has come to our attention that some payements went missing along the way, Please if you are purchasing the nocco pay in full first before taking one of the products. If you are having trouble with the payment system, please inform a member of staff to help you and we all can have noccos for days

other than that awesome fight today guys and enjoy your evening, see you all tomorrow - Ben



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