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Deadline – 15.oktober.2020

Hei guys! Today we had a lot of upperbody styrketrening on the programming. Splitting the training in 2 parts and starting off with finding a heavy 5 rep Seated Overhead Press followed by 3×5 reps at that same heavy weight. Why seated?!? To get damn much stronger in our shoulders! Taking out the possibility to use power of the legs and isolating the shoulders to make it a 100% upperbody exercise. 🙌🏽 After the first part we had the WOD which was again focused on upperbody strength. ‘deadline’ AMRAP 8 of: 12 cal bike, 12 strict pull up, 12 strict handstand push up. If you really wanted to challenge yourself you could choose to do the biking with arms only but selvfølgelig nobody choose this option. 😉 But what everybody DID was going heavy on the HSPU/DB Presses and Pull Ups. Those 8 minutes looks easy but as you probably experienced today are the shorter workouts most often the hardest one!

Now we’re talking about getting stronger in the upperbody, I have some great news for you: at the second of november is the new Gymnastic course starting‼️ Full with strict upperbody strength work and cool new skills as Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Rope Climbs and Handstands in different variations! 😍 😍 To have more time for explaining and practice shall we bring up the time to 90 minutes. More time, more fun, more results! 😃 Ask the current Gymnasties why you should definitely join this course or send me an email to and I’ll tell you with love more details about the best part of CrossFit (Gymnastics) ❤️ General information: Total available spots: 10 Duration: 11 weeks Starting date: 2.November.2020 Last Session: 8.Januar.2021 (No classes on 25.December.2020 & 1.Januar.2020) Time: Monday @19:30 & Friday @17:00 Price: 4.999 NOK

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