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Deadlifts & Accessory Work – 19.Mai.2020

I dag var en god dag for som ute trening. Været var veldig fint! Vektstenger utenfor og klar til å løfte tunge vekter. Something else than a regular CrossFit workout like an AMRAP or Metcon, we had today a 7 rep heavy Deadlift on the program and after a nice accessory EMOM to make sure that you all will feel the hamstrings and glutes tomorrow (and the day after, and the rest of the week) 😜 Next to the regular classes we also had a teens class going on in the park with coach Katrine!!!

Do you enjoy the CrossFit trainings as much as we do?! Ask your friends, colleagues, family members or people on the street to join us with a gratis prøvetime! Training together is more fun! 😀🤗🏋🏽

Fantastisk!!😃 We have more and more people showing up for the 8 weeks nutrition program‼️ #GOLDENPACKAGE Do you also want to have a better look on your nutrition, being healthier than ever before and want to feel amazing in your body?! Start today and send an email to #REMINDER



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