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Deadbolt- 7.juli.2020

Today we had a fun workout to se how strong we are in our deadlifts, starting with a lifting section. where we had 13min to lift a heavy 5reps, then a heavy 4 reps and finally a heavy 3 reps. With going up in weight for each set and also taking a little break in between. Then we had our main workout deadbolt, a 15min amrap (as many round or reps as possible). 1 round consists of 60 double unders, 30/24 cal row and lastly 15 deadlifts

To start it off we had a burner of a warm-up, going from wall to wall with a small band. Getting those glutes on fire and read to lift heavy, After that grabbing that barbell to do our favourite barbell cycle. Then we looked into the finer details of our deadlifts, showing what we are looking for in that pretty and perfect form thats called a deadlift.

Then giving those 13min for our athletes to find there heavy lifts and my god they were some pretty lifts in today, which everyone had done a awesome job at. After that we got the equipment ready for our main workout, once everyone had found they weight and finished there spec warm-up. splitting the group into 2 heats, it was 3…2…1.. LETS GO

Also having our teens in today doing a nice team bike workout



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