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Damn Diane – 25-Sept-2020

We have had a very tough, challenging and very fun workouts this week, so since we started the week with a games workout. We felt it was fitting to end the week with a workout, that came from the crossfit games. That took part last weekend if you guys had missed it, Getting a chance to join in with the world that our top athletes in the sport had done, what could be better

started the week off with friendly fran, now we finish with damn diane 3 rounds for time with some heavy, but safe deadlifts and some handstand push ups

Got the day started with running around the box speeding up every min for 4min. Since how everyones legs was stiff as a board cause of yesterdays workout, getting those legs loose and warm was very needed. Then hitting our hip flow exercise to get our body ready for those deadlifts. Getting some mobility, done no harm aswell as getting everyone ready with movement prep.

there is always a way to get through a workout

For some it was getting that heavy barbell and getting upside down, for others it was a time to get the practice in for the deadlifts and grabbing some heavy db for those push press. When everyone was ready with there weight it was spec warm up time.

After everyone was ready, got the group together to get there mindset ready to kill this workout. Then getting the clock ready 3…2…1 Lets Go!!! Everyone attacked this workout with perfect form on those deadlifts and killing every movement. Wether some movements was easy or for hard

Fantastic work guys, you should be proud of what you guys achieved today and this week

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