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Crossfit open 18.5 – 4.December.2020

Well Friday is upon us again, so to end this week of workouts. we have a repeat of 2018 open event 18.5. A up rep ladder of thrusters and chest 2 bar pull ups, that only lasted 7min of hard work. For some it was there first time doing this workout and for others it was they time to redeem themselves and get a better score than what they got last time

For having a 7min heavy workout we wanted everyone to have the rest of the class to be as fun as normal and getting ready for that hard work. So we started with our funny looking game the hockey pokey. Then we moved to a hip flow short workout to warm up the hips for those thrusters, then some mobility work and movement prep, getting the body ready for whats about to happen

When everyone had done there spec warm up and the weight was on the barbell. We brought everyone in and had a chat. The mindset for today was 3 kinds of people – the idiot, the smart one and the genius. We all had those moments where we went all in at the start and realised our mistake and struggled for the rest of the workout, well today we wanted everyone to learn from it and to become the smart one. trying to not take water breaks or chitchat breaks, 7 min of hard work will pay off in the end. For also not to go all out at the start, to find that easy tempo and holding it throughout this workout whilst the reps become more and more

Everyone was determined to finish this in the best way possible, to be on the floor heavy breathing, sweating and maybe even crying. Then you know you did all you can and deserve that nice weekend break and to be ready for bring a friend tomorrow, or a new start on monday

Fantastic work guys, it was awesome to see you all putting that effort in for today. Have a good weekend guys



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