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Clean and Jerk + simplicity 11th sept 2020

Last day of the week and we want to finish it with a lifting and short but fast workout. Taking 8min to get the best clean and jerk you can get, for some it was to get that technique even better and for others to lift some heavy weights around

To start the day of we got some jump ropes down for double unders, for others practicing and if not just getting use to the rope of those single unders is still good to do, followed by some plate movements, Then getting some stretches and movement prep going for everyone to get ready to lift.

Then the clock went counting down and our groups was lifting some weights and what a pretty sight it was. After that prep warmup and then hitting off the main workout, the goal we had for everyone was to be consistent picking a weight and rep scheme. That could get you moving without stopping really, you of course could take breaks, but with 12min on the clock to finish you couldnt take too long of a break. Trying to finish a round of 5 in under 2:20 is not easy and to keep that going is no easy task.

Mart being a drama queen for todays workout

a little help for that good lift, check it out

But everyone pushed through and did the best that they could do. The training goes on, awesome job guys enjoy the weekend

P.R. Board – Every month we will wipe the pr board clean for the new month of p.r´s, we will also put them in the bloggs so that everyone can keep track of there progress

We had another strangers turning up to the box this week, this person Frida Risholt, after doing her soldiers training. she decided to come and say hi to everyone and hopefully we will still see her now and then. Always awesome to see

If todays lifts was a challenge for you and not got that technique in this not so attractive person will teach you and get you where you need to go, on lifting. Ask our strongman coach Mart for details



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