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Cinnamon Swirl 22.Mai.2020

Before the start of the weekend, we had a very fun workout called cinnamon swirl. A 20min amrap ( as many round/reps as possible), that had our hill run, db rows, burpees, db back step lunge

the weather washed away the whiteboard, so had to write a brief one

started the day off with a 3 round warmup, 30secs of work for each movement. Starting with jumping over our dbs, db deadlifts,scap pushups and goblet squats with one db.

then everyone got to work on there row and lunge techniques and to make sure our db was a good weight for us to keep that pretty form. After that it was time to hit the workout.

For the morning classes was dry and nice to hit that workout. for the rest of the days classes, people battled the elements while hitting this workout. The dedication we have at verftet are unreal and love the attitude of getting our workouts in, no matter what stands in out way

awesome job everyone, have a awesome weekend and ready for whats to come next week

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