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Big Mac - 10.August.2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Well well well, who knew that some basic body weight movements would make such a hard, fun condition

ing piece.Adding some skill work to it with are favourite equipment partner your jump ropes. whether you are running, biking, double unders or single unders. To get the best of this workout and finish on top you we got everyone to think of a game plan and if Plan A didn't go so well, we should always have a Plan B.

Having everyone starting off with a heart rate blood circling warmup, of having 2 quick rounds for everyone ready from yesterdays workout. Having a quick movement prep for people to practice there jump ropes and not throw the ropes to other side of the box, cause we want them to be our friends. but at times there are our enemies haha, Getting poeple in a good idea and rhythm on there burpee box jump overs. Getting every to remember they will be alot to do in todays workout, Then for everyone to get a idea on running with the arms. Its such an easy thing to mislead, cause running is just having one foot infront of the other and to keep moving. But if we really look into a basic understanding of running, theres a thousand way to slightly change and improve hugely on running better

After getting every familiar with the prep work and game plan for attack this workout. We set off and having everyone attacking this workout in the best as always



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