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Bench Press and "Just the two of us" 02.11.2021

Hello everybody! Todays focus in the workout "Just the two of us" was mind over matter, we can make it if we try. Because if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. And if it doesn't matter, you don't mind. I'd like to dive into this subject a bit deeper with you tonight.

Have you ever found yourself during a workout thinking "what am I doing here?" or something along the lines of "why am I here?!" Another one? Have you ever found yourself thinking during a workout about winning/succeeding or about losing/failing, and what the consequences of that might be? (Crossfit Open anyone?). Or maybe you have found yourself considering how this workout feels in relation to how you thought it should be feeling. Or you got distracted by that person next to you, the music, the weather, or the equipment you are using.

All these examples are thoughts about something outside of yourself, and turn out to not be harmful to your performance. What then, would be helpful? Thoughts about you, the task at hand, and your strategy of what you are about to do are helpful. This is the hour of the day where it hurts nobody if you are just thinking about yourself and how you are performing. It pays to be egocentric while you are working out.

But once you are done, snap out of it. People like to be around other people that are a bit social.

After today's bench presses, we did a couplet of thrusters and double unders. Who would have thought that a light barbell and jump rope could wreak such havoc on you in just 10 minutes. You can see the whole flow of the class and all scores/times on the pictures below.

Have a nice evening, and next time you are in a challenging situation, train yourself to keep your thoughts to yourself and your task for that moment. It helps!



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