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Beautiful People - 03.May.2021

Because that are we, beautiful people! No better name possible for a nice bodybuilding/strength session of today.

We had an EMOM on the program to start the week today. EMOM meaning Every Minute On the Minute, we had 4 different movements, of which we did 1 every minute. We started minute 1 with 25 sit-ups, followed by 7 strict Chest-to-bar chin-ups in minute number 2. In the third interval we had a minute to complete 25 russian kettlebell swings, followed by the last minute where we did 14 back stepping lunges.

The weights for today were heavy, really heavy. For the Kettlebell we went 2 steps higher than what we normally do, giving us 32kg for the boys and 24kg for the girls, at the Wonder Woman scalering. Also the dumbbells going up a step, resulting in a WonderWoman weight of 30/22.5. No matter the scaling that you picked, going 2 steps heavier than normal was the way to go today.

And that's the tricky part of today's workout. You would say, ''One movement per minute, means I move 30 seconds and have 30 seconds of rest.. What's the big deal''. Those who still think like that now, haven't tried today's workout.

At first, your grip starts giving in. Holding on to a heavy kettlebell for 25 repetitions, blows up your lower arms and your grip. In the backstepping lunges we don't get much relief, since we are holding a pair of seriously heavy dumbbells. This being followed by 7 chin-ups make the problem even bigger. Holding on matter of character, would we say;)

Secondly, there was the breath. A bit of moving and a bit of rest sounds a lot nicer than it was, especially with the weights of today. Because the clock was running, you couldn't rest as much as you want, making it quite a spicy workout.

And that's good, because tomorrow, there will be no weights. Why not? Read here:

Tomorrow's workout: NOT AT VERFTET.

We don't tell what tomorrow's workout is, but looking at the pictures above, it's probably not snatches;)

Please meet us at the track next to Haraldsvang Ungdommskole, see the little map above. You can come there like it's a regular hour, show up 5 minutes before. Keep in mind that there's no dressing rooms and toilets there, so do that at home or step by Verftet before you go to the tracks!

PS: We won't make you run endless laps around the track. It's going to be a fun one;) Just show up and let us surprise you!



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