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Barbells & ´Snickers´- 5.august.2020

On the menu today: Snickers. While we always love a good piece of chocolate, there was even more love for todays workout. Some proper technique training on the power clean, front squat and push jerk. Followed by 12 minutes the time to build up to a heavy complex.

This all was closed of by a nice, sweaty metcon with 180 (!) reps on the bar: 30-20-10: Power Cleans Front Squats Push Jerks

Olympic weightlifting at it´s finest. CrossFit has done something amazing for the sport of olympic weightlifting. It has come from a sport that only a handfull of people practiced in the 90´s to an accessible thing for ´normal´people all over the world, as far as you can describe our members normal héhé. These days, tens of thousands of people all over the world are doing barbell training and olympic weightlifting, in every age, gender, race or other group. The barbell doesn´t discriminate, it loves everybody (just like the bike doesn´t discriminate and hates everybody;) )! It´s supercool to see: normal people like you and me, bringing the kids to school, go to work, only to close (or open) the day with a heavy workout that includes lifting heavy barbells, squatting them and bringing them overhead. The people you come across in the supermarket or at work might not realise what a beasts they´re meeting;) We see that everyday, we see the raw strength, the fine technique and die-hard perseverance that´s in all of you guys! As a proof, under the last note of this blog there´s a whiteboard full of heavy numbers and fast times, followed by a bunch of strong people!

Late Cancel / No-Show We have a request: Please be aware of your friends at the box and only sign in for a class if you´re sure you can make it. Of course, there always can happen something that makes you unable to come, but let that be an exeption. At the moment, we feel like a lot of people are signing up without thinking about it, only to cancel last minute or just not show up. Except for the fact that there´s a cancelation/no-show fine (50NOK/70NOK), more importantly you´re taking a space for somebody who would have liked to come very much. This way, we´re creating a culture where it appears that some classes look fully booked, but there´s almost never 14 people attending. If more people think that classes are often fully booked, they´re singing up anyway to be sure of a spot, even though they´re not sure if they can come. This makes the problem worse and worse.

In our experience, there´s close to always a spot open for ´last-minute´ bookings on the day of the class itself. To keep this that way, we´d like to ask you to only sign up in advance if you´re sure that you can come. If you are not sure, please don´t sign up in advance. If everybody does this, we keep the classes accessible for everybody, also the late bookers, and there will be always a spot waiting for you here at Verftet:)

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