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New coach gets members hangry by naming workout after food.

´Bangers and Mash. 24 August 2021

Good evening everybody, my name is Thaddeus and today was my first day coaching at Verftet. It was a promising start, so I can´t wait for tomorrow. But first, let´s have a look at what happened today.

Todays workout was not extremely long, nor extremely heavy, nor extremely quick, but challenging none the less. The plan was to not get punched in the face by the workout, because everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face. The focus was on staying consistent, to not let our movement in the last rounds differ from our movement in the first rounds. Make it look effortless and easy, even when you get tired and your muscles start to burn.

In other news:

  • The teens had some fun playing with sandbags today. Let´s hope they are not on their way to every playground now to get some sand and make their own toys.

  • Jasmin nailed her first 24 inch boxjump today. She and her shins both survived to then smile for the photo.

  • An anonymous member told me "Ever since I started CrossFit, yes I got stronger, but also, my hangovers suck less!". That is a benefit I had never heard before in my life. Maybe we should add it to our next advertising campaign.

  • In the new room, the floor is now levelled with fresh new concrete. It is ready for rubber flooring during the ´Dugnad´ this Saturday and your drops of sweat soon after that.

  • Beyond the 60 minutes of class, people grabbed the opportunity to push it a little more (real good, like the Salt ´n Peppa song remember?!)

Enjoy the rest of the evening! Relax, get some good sleep and fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast tomorrow. I know I´ve got some eggs and salmon on a wholewheat toast waiting for me (nomnomnom). Wether you are a bit sore tomorrow, and just come in to get some blood flowing. Or you might be fresh as a daisy, ready to go after a new PR. We would love to see you again tomorrow anyway. The workout is going to be a nice one!



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