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"Ball don't lie" 14.September.2021

"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm on tonight, you know my ball don't lie and I'm starting to feel alright"

Thaddeus here, and I just wanted to let you know that lyric has been on repeat in my head the whole day since I saw this workout on the whiteboard this morning. I hope it's not in yours now.

We have another great Tuesday in the books, with some memorable moments. After yesterday's addition of tea to the sofahems, we now have new NOCCO's in the fridge. The blood orange is definitely worth a try! Remember to pay for them using VIPPS on the iPad. Today also brought us another Bring-A-Friend with some new faces, teens, and another edition of the "Dirt Dive" course.

We saw some great effort today of pushing yourself to an uncomfortable pace, but one that you can maintain for a solid 12 to 18 minutes. Some scores on the whiteboard astonished me, considering people basically did the benchmark 'Karen' (150 wall balls for time) and then some rowing intervals. Nice work!

Workouts like this are always nice. You have your lungs and heart working at full pace to get as much blood and oxygen to the muscles that are working as they can. Then on top of that, if you push a little too long or too hard, and your heart and lungs can no longer keep up by themselves to get that energy supply, you start to add an anaerobic burning of energy. This produces lactic acid as a by-product which gives you that burning sensation in your shoulders or thighs. It basically is like moving from a run at a steady pace into a sprint and then trying to recover from that sprint while back running at that steady pace. Spoiler: that ain't easy!

Chances are you didn't know that beforehand, but you found out today. That makes you know better, and if you know better, next time you can do better. Gainzzzz!

After a well-deserved rest, we will be back at it tomorrow. We hope to see you there. And don't forget; "get fitter, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, fist bump some people, and blow off some steam. Relax, have fun, work out."



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