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Baggage claim – 02.September.2020

Ny podcast! 🙂 Vi har hatt store problemer tekniske problemer med podcasten vår og lover at vi skal jobbe mot #1%bedre ;). Denne podcasten handler om hva fitness og alle temaene rundt. Interessant både for de med stor fitness og litt mindre fitness.

Vi har meldt oss inn i fritidskortet Det betyr at dere som har Kids / Teens på Verftet kan søke om støtte fra Haugesund kommune. Alle under 18 år har krav på støtte! #GODSTEMNING


Rydd plass i GARDEROBEN! #sexyclothesIScoming #Verysexymodels

Then, today’s workout: What a surprise that was. On the board, not too bad. 6 minutes intervals filled with 15/12 cals on the bike, a few high box jumps and a 20 meter walk in the park with some dumbbells, what can go wrong.

Well, let’s start with the dumbbells. Since we looked around in our box and we saw a lot of heavy dumbbells just collecting dust, we thought it would be nice to throw in the heavy dumbbells a bit more often. Therefor you get to play with the 40’s and 30’s today. Again a heavy dumbbell. Score!

Untill you find out that the box jumps are 40 (!!) inch for the men and 30 (!!) inch for the woman. I didn’t even know boxes could be that high.. But still, it’s only six. Take a big jump and you’ll survive one would think.

And we would think just that, until you finish your first 15 cals sprint and get at the boxes. Legs like concrete but still trying to jump did not work completely as planned. Holy shit, that’s a new experience of heavy legs. 6 Jumps took a lot longer than expected and damn those dumbbells were heavy. But we all survived. Some sore faces and close-to-misses on the boxjumps to the side, we all had a great time. And more great times will come. Tomorrow. And the rest of the week. He-he! – Mart


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