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BackSquats + Back at it again - 7th.Februar.2021

Starting off this week wanted to get everyone back into those lifting times like we did last week, instead of deadlift this time we worked on backsquats. rep from 15-12-9-6-3 seeing how well we all can go with good form and seeing how much we can lift. Having a heavy burner of a warm up to get started

moving to a light but also heavy workout back at it again and a fitting name for it, cause we dont really look at light barbell cycling too often. Trying to get 75 reps in under 15min is a little tough, but to have you challenged with your fav equipment your jump ropes was no easy feet to finish in under 15min.But you guys attacked it awesome as always and focused on your form throughout your hour here at verftet, keeping the pride alive

Seniors ending up being legends in our box and not letting you guys get all the movements in at any age. Doing squats with the barbell and then doing jump ropes with db snatch or kb swing, will always keep you guys on your toes watch watch out for competition


New pt package is coming to you guys this week and making this alot easier for you all if you are wanting more than 1 at a time

We will be giving out a email to you all announcing about our new coach, so keep a look out for that

The dirt dive course will be up and running for you all to book up and start at the 28th feb so if you are wanting to book a spot please do or ask ben for more info. Also for the people that have signed up for it the wait is over

Also we a have the crossfit Open will start on the 23rd Feb. If you are not sure what the open is we want as many of our community joining in on the fun with us as possible to test your fitness and see where you are at in the crossfit journey. we will be announcing more about in the future weeks, Sign up or ask a coach here what it is and if it is worth it to you

awesome work today guys and enjoy the rest of your evening and see you guys tomorrow - Ben


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