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Back to the Backsquats – 31.August.2020

Vi har blitt rana !! :(((

Døren til fremsiden av bygget hadde ikke blitt låst og med det klarte noen å bryte seg inn i bygget vårt. Heldigvis virker det som ikke alt for mye har blitt tatt. Men med det ønsker vi at alle som har hatt ting i garderoben og går igjennom ting de eventuelt har mistet og kommer til oss med det!

Det kommer en mail til alle sammen i morgen der det kommer nye egentreningsregler. Her blir tydelig en forventning til at alle som skal egentrene må ha kontroll på hvordan de låser lokalet :).

On to the workout! Well, that has been a while: Back Squats! This raw, foundational movement has been out of the picture due to Korona, but now it makes it return. And of course, the return of the back squat has to come in the classical form of 5×5. There is I-Dont-Know-How-Many strength programs that rely on the 5 sets of 5 reps Backsquat format and this is not for no reason. It is an excellent way of creating strength, as you will feel tomorrow.

And what a warm-up it was too. We start with giving you guys a band to put around your feet, and make you walk back and forth between the walls. After the first 5 meters, the first burning begins. Only to get worse and worse, until there´s no other options than putting on your painface and keep on walking. Pff, finally there, now it´s only the same way back. And back and forth again but than sideways. And another more round. You are very much welcome:)

We do this not only because we highly appreciate your painfaces, but also because it is a great way of warming up the hip. The muscle you feel burning is called your Gluteus Medius, and it plays a big role in stabilising the hip & leg in the squatting movement for example. Also, an active Glute Medius causes exorotation of the leg: ´knees out!´. So yes it burns, but it definitely serves a purpose!

After that, we did some nice and spicy stretches to get the body even more warmed up for what´s coming and then it was time to squat. Build up, load your bar up with some heavy plates and lets go! 5 heavy sets of 5 backsquats, with 3 minute coffeebreak in the middle, how bad can it be right?

Well pretty bad, as the desert was 2 tabata´s, jumping lunges and backstep lunges. And you thought the warm-up burned? Than you don´t really know us, do you? As many other workouts, this workout definitely comes back. So it might be wise to check out your score above, put it down somewhere so next time you know straight away where to build up to for your first set!

Intro To Weightlifting Course

Ser jo ganske enkelt ut med 200kg over hodet ? 😀

As mentioned in last weeks blogg, I (Mart) will start giving the weightlifting classes on mondaynight from now on. As I would like to see as many of you in that class as possible (because weightlifting is fun and cool and freakin´amazing), I´m making sure you guys got the opportunity to get into the class. That´s why I´m hosting the next Intro to Weightlifting course on: 12 september 2020, 12:00-16:00 Participation in a course is mandatory before joining the classes, since we don´t want to spend time on explaining what a snatch is and spend more time and performing the snatch (and clean&jerk obviously)! Costs for this cost is 1 time 999 NOK, after that, participation in the weightlifting classes is always for free! Make sure to sign up for the course through this link: Any questions about the classes or course can be send to me: . I hope to see you there!

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