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Back Squat - 28.June.2021

As the summer sets in more and more in Norway, another week of training has started. We got a lot of fancy stuff coming up this week, among others a famous Bench Mark workout and some fancy pancy gymnastic stuff, but we start the week of with a raw strength session: Back Squats.

Today we did something called Wave Squats. This means that the rep scheme of the back squats not the standard 5x5 is, neither is it a build down from 10 to 1 reps to find a heavy single. Wave squats are a bit more unusual ways of doing back squats, to trick our nervous system a bit.

Wave squats means that we are doing 3 sets, or waves, of 5-3-1 repetitions of the back squats. With tricking your nervous system, I mean that the last set of the 5-3-1, the set of 1, feels really heavy. Only problem here is that after that heavy single, you are going to do a set of 5 reps. These five feel even more heavy than that single, but this ´feeling´ is going to make the next single that is coming up feel a lot heavier. After all, if you can do a set of 5 on more or less the same weight as the previous set of 1, your strength must be a lot more than you thought;)

Wave squats are therefor an excellent way to check what a ´heavy 5´, ´heavy 3´ or a ´heavy 1´ means for you. You can always squat a bit more, you just have to know the right tricks and wrap your head around it before you walk up to the bar.

Schedule changes

I am repeating it here one more time, since I got some questions about it: If you look in the app, you see some classes not in the schedule that were there before. This is NOT a permanent solution, we are just adjusting to the summer-break that settles in every your. When everybody is coming back from the cabin and holidays, we will just re-install the old hours as usual, so don´t be afraid to miss your favorite time of the day to train, it will be back!

Have a great week people!



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