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Amalthea - 28. January. 2021

What a fun week we have had and the fun is not stopping, Today we had a 20min emom. That involved cal bike, DB bench press and rope climbs. After all those 3 movements we got a 1min break to collect oursleves and hit another round of this workout in the best form as possible

To start the workout out, we did a 5min amrap. getting the body sweaty, warm and stretched, ready to get our tarzan on. After some mobility stretchs, we hit the ropes, giving everyone plenty of time

to practice on those rope climbs and having loads of fun. Then a quick demonstration of what we look for in our DB bench press, giving everyone time to build up there DB and spec warm-up.

Then it was time to hit the workout, giving each movement station at most 50sec of max effort and practice. Whilst making sure everyone has 10secs to move to the next station, with hands washed and ready to attack the next movement.

For today we got to see alot of people getting there rope climbs in and it was amazing to see, Speaking of seeing and old coach of ours felt like coming in and seeing how we are doing, aslo to train a little, It was awesome to Andy here and everyone liked to catch up with and hopefully they will be more times of him visiting.

Also for todays events

the Fat to Fit club, had a challenge of there own to do, The workout Fortitude. The push for them was real, we know how this workout is. But the person that would know this better than anyone would be our first candidate Jarl Vidar, Heres to the start of there journey to getting themselves the goal they are seeking in this course

Also for today we have finished yet another strong mans course, so marts plan to end the course for others was to have them move objects outside in the cold. What could be worse than that? well he also decided to have taylor swift playing next to them, it must of been hell for them. But after that hope everyone is satisfied with there results and that the hard work lifting things payed off

Awesome job guys, wonder what fun we have tomorrow? See you here then to find out

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