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Allsidig Styrke – 14.Oktober.2020

Allsidig Stryke, what to my limited Norwegian knowledge as much means as All-round strong, is a more than fitting name for this workout. But why does this name fit so well? Firstly, the scores:

Today, we did a nice 21 minute EMOM of heavy back squats, calories on the rower and 5 box jumps. The score of the day, was the heaviest 5 back squats you did today. Because, that was the point of today: Squatting heavy while we are tired.

Because that is what differentiates CrossFitters from weightlifters, powerlifters or strength athletes in general: We want to be all-round strong. A weightlifter is really strong at performing his movements, but always will have a couple of minutes break within lifts. Meaning, he can only perform his top lifts with a controlled heartbeat and some rest in between sets. The same goes for a powerlifter: insanely strong, but only at performing 1 til 3 rep at the time, with 5 minute breaks in between. CrossFitters are different. We want to squat 150kg, but it is of no use to us if we can only do it under very strict conditions with rest. We want to be able to do this 150kg backsquat when fresh, but also with a 160 BPM heartbeat. That is what we mean with all round.

It´s nice to have a 60kg snatch as a girl-weightlifter, but it is nicer to still be able to do this 60kg snatch after a heavy workout: the girl-crossfitter! Again: not specific strong, all-round strong.

So that is what we trained today then. The row and the box jump were only there to get you tired and your heartbeat up, the actual exercise of today was a heavy 5 on the back squat. Because for us, your 5 rep max on the back squat is really impressive when you can still do this after 21 minutes of heavy breathing. Impressive stuff guys, sleep well and see you tomorrow!



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