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7 Wonders – 21.7.2020

A little correction;)

Let me start with a little correction of a tiny mistake in yesterdays Blogg, which you´ve guys been asking about a lot. First: really cool stuff that I make a mistake and within 10 minutes, I get 6 private messages on Facebook Messenger to ask me about it. Really love the engagement there, we put a lot of effort into the little things that make your Verftet-experience as good as possible, like writing this blogg everyday. Seeing that you guys actually read (and appreciate) this stuff is such a nice feeling! Then, what mistake I made? In the blogg, we wrote that the summerparty was going to be at the 15th of june. This should be the 15th of august of course. So, SAVE THE DATE: saturday the 15th of august we are having our Verfet fantastic great supercool summerpalloozzaa barbeque food party!

New billing information?

Then, a request to you all of administrative nature: If you switch bank-cards, or get a new one, could you maybe go to –> Account –> billing information and put in your new card yourself.

The app does not work well with this, so changing your payment information in the app is not coming through to us. This saves us a lot of communicating back and forth to ask why your card gets declined! Tusen Takk.

The Workout

Todays workout was a nice triplet of the same workout, seperated by a row every time. We basically did 3 rounds of 7 deadlifts, 7 toes-to-bar and 7 pushpresses. After these 3 rounds, we row 700/500meter and do it again, for 3 times in total. Workouts like these are fantastic to work on your perseverance, especially on a movement like the Toes-To-Bar. Because we were only doing 7 reps at a time, going unbroken or 2 sets max was a reasonable goal, even for people who are not professional games athletes:)

In a workout with 15 or 25 T2B, you have no other choice than breaking up in a couple of sets, but holding on to the bar for 7 reps is not an impossible thing. We saw a lot of people pushing through, going unbroken on all the sets! Good stuff guys, love the battlefield you left us with today 😉

New Strong Course

As you might have seen on our Facebookpage, from 1. september 2020, a new Strong Course is going to start. Again, it will be 10 weeks of strong, stronger, strongest, but now with 90 minute sessions instead of 60. For now, signing up is only open for Verftet-Members, and in a week, also people who are not a member of Verftet can signup (if we got any spots left of course). A bit of info:

What: Very specific strength training in a small group setting with a lot of coaching and personal attention Duration: 10 weeks Starting date: 1. September 2020 Last Session: 5. November 2020 Time: Hver Tirsdag og Torsdag, 19:00 – 20:30 (90 minute sessions!) Price: 4.999 NOK Spots are going fast (3 left), so sign up now to secure your spot! For more information or to sign up, simply mail to

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