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3x Presses 03.juni.2020

Today we had a heavy upperbody training with a lot of presses in it. The WOD of today consisted of 2 short workouts. The first part was a strength-based workout were you had to do 5×5 Strict Presses with the barbell. The second part of the training was an 12 EMOM alternating with single arm kettlebell clean and jerk and front/side planks. 

Thomas had his first class today since the Corona situation!

We started with an already heavy warm up to make sure that the shoulder muscles were lose and ready to attack today’s workout. After that we focused on the technique of the strict press and builded up to a heavy weight to do 5 reps with. Once you found the right weight you couldn’t go up/down anymore. Then, 15 minutes to complete the 5×5 strict presses.

After all the presses the barbells went back and the kettlebells came instead. First some technique training for the clean and jerk with the kettlebell since this is a pretty hard movement and a little focus on how to do the gymnastic variation of the front and side plank. When everyone knew how to move and which weight to choose it was showtime!… 

12 minutes alternating between 1 minute to make 20 reps of C+J and then 1 minute of plank hold.There was no time to chill down during the clean and jerks otherwise you wouldn’t finish the 20 reps in time so you had to take your rest during the plank holds. Or let say there was no time to rest today!😵

Everybody crushed the workout and had a lot of fun! Great job everyone! See you tomorrow!🙌🏽



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