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20reps Backsquat + Jackie – 20.November 2019

Today is the day we started our strength program, and goes for 20 reps on 70% of our test last week. For people who did not do this last week, it was the perfect time to find that 5 rpm

People’s energy and determination was in top form from morning to last class, and went through a wall of thought to hit there 20 reps. Something difficult to hit for progression, but everyone had perfect form and had the help from there partners to count the road to victory

If you can do 10 reps, then it is only your head that decides if you can manage 10 more – Dan John

After that we had Jackie classic, tricky, fun benchmark, with a 14 min timecap

1000m row

50 thrusters

30 pullups

1000m row is the trick behind the workout, where people tend to go all out and struggle on the next movements to make a good time. After the row, it’s the best movement we all love thruster. only with just the bar, 50 is more than enough to push you. Then the last stretch is pullups (without band). Everyone ran through this training with the best ability, some were finished and some did not. But that’s what the benchmarks are about to hit a goal, and next time to show that progress is just going up

Good job everyone on starting the strength program to a fine start

Keep up the good Work



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