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20 Rep Backsquats + strength on dem legs 11 December 2019

We continued with our 20 reps backsquat strength program, building up weight by 2.5-5 kg extra than last time. Some people today had just started this program and was finding what there 5rm are

Everyones determination was on point today, focusing on getting these 20 reps done. With good form in every lift and getting that much stronger

Started the day off with a burner of a warmup, with legs and ass on fire through all 3 rounds. A hip hold with the band to start it of. Then moving back and forth with a banded monster and sumo walk, everyone had to pause halfway through to get that burn to calm down. Then finally to end each round with 10 jumping squats

For the final part of this awesome but hard workout, Strength on dem legs. A emom on 12 min (every min on the min)

Going for a db or body weight bulgg squat 6 on the right leg and 6 on the left leg, feeling that thigh and hip burner.

Then going for 10m walking lunges with weight, keeping that march going to the finish line

Finally after that going for a hip thruster with weighted barbell, 10 reps with a straight back and tight stomach to get the best of the movement

Good job everyone in the shipyard was a fun, strong and sweaty workout

Keep up the good work 💪💪



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