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20 Questions – 7.september.2020

Welcome to a fresh new week of workouts, sweats and air high fives. We all hope you had a nice weekend, got the rest you deserved so well and are ready for all the cool things we have coming up for you this week.

To start of with the right intentions, we brought 20 questions to you today. A gruelling piece of 6 different barbell movements, of which all of them 20 reps to finish before you go on to the next one. But wait, there’s more..

Every minute starts with a delight: 5 burpees. So you get to work for more or less 45 seconds, drop your bar, get to the floor and jam 5 burpees in, before you can go on. This way, a 120 rep workout can get really sweaty, real fast!

Lifting is fun. High heart rate is fun. Throw them both in one mix and you got a toxic but fun workout combination!

And what a workout it was. After walking you guys through the warm-up with some general movement, it was time to warm up more specifically for the barbells. A lot of power cleans, thrusters, push presses, hang power snatches, overhead squats and front squats later it was time for the spec warm-up. Practicing some burpees and a few reps of all the movements and go! While writing this, I just gave the last class. What a chaos, what an energy, my adrenaline is still pumping. Thank you guys for bringing it yet another day!

To brag a bit more: might you enjoy this workout, especially the barbell, or do you love weightlifting as much as we do: Give our weightlifting classes on mondaynight a try! In these classes, we focus a full 90 minutes on the art of weightlifting and weightlifting only. Mondaynight, 18:00- 19:00

Then a quick reminder: we love you guys to do egentrening, but therefor it’s important that everybody moves around in the box with a bit of care of the equipment and other stuff. We found there’s been messed with the stereo system last weekend, causing us to not being able to connect to the music for the better part of sunday and mondaymorning. Please leave the musicboxes in the wooden box and only connect to the bluetooth box!


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