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1RM Power Snatch - 4th. October. 2021

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and was ready to get back into training to start of the week we had one thing in mind for today and that was finding your 1 rep max Power snatch. Thats right just lifting and seeing if we can make a new pr in our snatchs or even working on getting better at our lifting and making seem surprisingly easier.

For our Focus today we wanted everyone to think about geography travelling. We like to travel and get from A to B, so as an example we are wanting to travel from Haugesund to Oslo. Sometimes we like to take the extra time to travel round places and take extra time to get to the destination, Most of the time we like to get straight to the place we want to go to.

So we focused on making a path from place to place and making it a nice and smooth trip. We can take that into our lifting. Taking step by step to feel out what each position should feel like whilst its light and putting that into when we lift heavy. keeping that barbell close travelling from the mid shins, knees, hips (contact point), catching position and finally finishing the lift

As you can see from our board alot of our members achieved brand new Personal records (Pr´s), which makes us very happy for them to get

Also we had Elisabeth Støver celebrate her birthday today at the box and doing what she loves to do and that is lifting. Happy Birthday Elisabeth hope you enjoyed your day well


Late Cancel window 06:00 class changed to 21:00.

A lot of early birds at Verftet! We see that the 06:00 class is getting more and more populair. We also see that we almost never have a full class, even though we have 5 people on the waiting list that would have loved to come. We see midnight cancellations happening, which makes it almost impossible to sign up for the people on the waiting list.

This brings up the dilemma of cancelling last minute: because cancelling your class in the middle of the night often means an empty spot. An empty spot that could have gone to someone else that would have loved to come and train.

That's why we will change the window for late cancelling for the 06:00 class. From next week on, cancelling your 06:00 class after 21:00 the night before will be a late cancel and will result in the 50 NOK fine for late cancel.

We ask you guys to commit a little bit more to coming if you are signed up. If you are not 100% sure that you can come to the class, please cancel before 21:00, so someone else that is 100% sure can take your spot and get 8 hours of sleep as well after it.

This change will start from next week monday (11. Oktober) on. Because of the change, we also had to cancel all 06:00 classes after this date. Please be reminded to sign back up for the class!

We hope that you understand that we are not doing this to punish you or to take your 50 kr. We are doing this to ensure that as many people as possible get to enjoy the lovely feeling of waking up at 5AM to train;) Thank you for your understanding and sleep well!

Well guys enjoy your evening you legends and see you guys tomorrow- Ben



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