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1..2..3..Sweat – 24.august.2020

Yes, yes, yes. Today was one of those days! At Verftet, we’re all about giving you guys what you need. And today, we felt like you need a nice sweat to get the weekend out of your system. Sweat off that sunday-chocolate or saturday’s beers. What do we need to sweat? What receipe could we take to get this done? 1) You take a burpee, we add a box, throw in a little rowing in the mix and top it all off with the bike. 2) Take a box. Put the rowing in the box in pieces of a 3 minute AMRAP. 3) Make burpee box overs from the burpees and boxes and put it right in the mix after the rowing, shaped like a 2 minute AMRAP. 4) Add 1 minute of biking and let it cook! 5) Smile for 22 minutes. Serve as hot as it comes, with high fives on the side.

And a nice dish it was. And there’s more in the kitchen where that came from, so save your appetite and enjoy this week. By the way: what an energy in the box. We are really enjoying your presence. Everybody is back from holiday and ready to get fit again. And of course, we want to give you all the spots you need to train. Therefor, starting from next week, we’ll have ongoing classes from 06:30 – 21:00, with only a break between 11:00 and 15:00! Check out mindbody now to see all your opportunities to train.

Also, today the gymnastic course finally started off:

Today, with a testing day. To make you see how much you have progressed over the next ten weeks, it’s important to see where you are now. Testing of the Toes-to-bar and pull-ups. This all followed by a highly gymnastic strength section and some handstands stuff! Exciting to see where we’ll be with this in 10 weeks. We will keep you updated.

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