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Y tu? 24 februar 2022

God kveld folkens!

This is it. THE night before the Open starts.

(also two more sleeps until burgers and a movie in our private cinema at Scandic Maritim Hotel at 18:00 on Saturday, you are invited to join!)

If you are not yet familiar with what "the Open" is and how we usually handle that at Verftet, stay tuned.

On Friday, the WOD will be a WOD a lot of CrossFitters all over the world are doing. From 17:00 until 19:00, we invite everybody to come by and cheer on the athletes and bring that classic "open feel" back. Usually, that atmosphere is electric and athletes get a extra gear to push just that little harder. It makes for great energy and great accomplishments but above all a great time. But that is tomorrow, let's focus on today first.

Today brought us a nice little challenge of riding the Echo bike and climbing a rope. A lot of people put in a big effort on the bike and practiced climbing the rope while fatigued!

My highlights of the day included:

  • Alexander sent a picture that provides evidence for the hard work he has been putting in, labeling the calluses on his hands to what day they occurred.

  • Martin came in and did 16 legless rope climbs in the WOD. Half man, half monkey.

  • We had quite some action at today's afterparty where people tried the Sotts press to see with how many kilos they could play around.

  • And last but certainly not least: today was the last day at our box for Steven and Linsey. They are moving to Singapore soon and are bringing their memories and fitness with them. Have a great time there guys! We all wish you all the best, all the fitness, all the fun on the other side of the world.

So on to tomorrow then. You don't have to compete, but we are using this workout (and the next two Fridays) to test your fitness. That test is not about your time or the weight you lifted, it is a test to see how much effort you have consistently put in over time. The most important thing is to have fun, and keep building to get 1% better over time. Unfortunately, I don't know of any legal ways to get a bit stronger, a bit more flexible or a bit better conditioned overnight. But I can give you this tip; listen to this podcast about Mental Toughness.

The main point for me personally: mental toughness is not a shield, it is a weapon.

You don't use it to protect yourself in hard times or in difficult circumstances. You use it as a weapon to get the most of whatever times or circumstances you are in.

Sleep tight. If you want to get a preview of what is coming up tomorrow or how the fittest athletes in the world did it, head over to




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