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With You. 10 februar 2022

God kveld alle sammen!

We usually have a name for the WOD that is supposed to be funny. Has a double-layer or punchline in it. But we ran out of those so just named today's WOD "With you" since we worked in a team of 2. We'll be back with more names that might give you a grin or smile next week, I promise.

We had the seniors and teens in today, Sunn & Sprekk course, Pull-up Course, and some personal training and movement assessments. All people that challenge their current fitness level, and have a good time while making progress. I also encountered a wandering groupy of a local band, total fan-boy!

Today was also challenge-day, and this week we focussed on who could reach the longest distance walking on their hands. Just like at the Olympics, it's more important to participate than it is to win. It was therefore a great pleasure to see a lot of people get out of their comfort zone and struggle a bit to see if they could master this skill.

At the 17:00 class, we had the pleasure of welcoming back some familiar faces. People that had not been training with us for a while, but got back in now. They showed once again, that missing a few days or weeks of training is not final. You come back, pick up your old habit, and improve as you go.

Speaking of challenges, tomorrow is sure to bring another one. At least we have one in the workout for you, but life generally throws you a boomerang every now and then that you have to deal with too. We look forward to tackling tomorrow's challenge with you. We at Verftet don't give up easily, we don't back down from a challenge and we know that challenge brings change.

Cheers to that, have a nice night, we hope to see you again soon!




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