Wheelie Time – 13.august.2020

Oef that got sweaty, real quick. Today, we had an all but comfortable workout for you guys on the program. We started with a nice warm-up, but since today the sun was shining in full glory again, most of you came running in hot already! After that, there was quite some time to give you some extra tips&trics on the push-up and the deadlift. While some of you might consider this a relatively easy movement, in my experience there´s always room for improvement in the push-up. The position of the hip, the tension in the abs, the way the elbows go, it´s so cool to see how much technique there still can be in a push-up. Get a little bit better, everyday.

After that, we warmed up on the barbell, jammed out a few pretty deadlifts and worked until it was as good as we can today. Spec warm-up, water, toilet and go time: 5 rounds of 30 push-ups, 20 deadlifts and a hill run, with 1 minute rest every round. This minute somehow always feels like the shortest minute in your life;) Going a bit easy on the push-ups was key today, since we all have felt sometime that if the push-ups are gone, they are really gone. So leaving a couple in the tank was crucial in order to still be able to give some fire in the end of the day.

The timecap of 25 minutes was tight, but almost everybody made it. And also not finishing within the timecap is not always a bad thing, maybe a good thing. If your goal of today was to get better at push-ups, you might have taken it a bit slowly on the push-ups in order to make them really pretty. If this results in you not finishing the workout but you walking out the door better in push-ups then when you walked in, we are happy! But there was more going on today: The teens classes are getting fuller and fuller, and the program was supercool. BackSquats, followed by an EMOM with a lot of legs, core and chest. Some serious bodybuilding is never a bad thing when you´re going to high-school! Do you have a teen that would like to try if CrossFit is something for her/him (And we bet it is;) ), you can ask one of the coaches or send us an mail!

Till slut, The Strong Course was on fire fire fire today. Today my favourite object of the world was on the main program: Sandbags. Throwing them, walking with them, lifting them, we do it all! Combining it with deadlifts and some 80`s fitness equipment, the body got shaken real good. It is truly fantastic to see how far these people are coming in 10 weeks. Some of them new to strength training 7 weeks again, some really experienced, but all are taking huge steps in the way they move, the way they are in control over their bodys and not important, the amount of weight they are able to move around. A stronger body is a healthier body and I´m extremely grateful that I can contribute in such a way to this. Do you want to get more in control of your body, healthier and stronger too and have fun while doing it? There´s 3 spots left for the Strong Course starting on the first of september, so send me a message at mart@crossfitverftet.no for more information, without any obligations, or to sign up!


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