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Turbo Tax – 26th. February. 2020

Today we had a fun and fast workout called Turbo Tax a 15min amrap (as many rounds or reps as possible), the rounds consists of:

30/21cals of echo bike, 30 american kettlebell swings, 30 boxjumps and 30 deadlifts. The wait for the kettle bells and deadlifts, was not that challenging. The target of this workout was to keeps a good posture whilst keep that tempo/intensity going through out the workout, with short rest when needed

Mind set- If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them. – Jim kwik

Our harshest critic is in between our ears. We’ve all been there… telling ourselves we suck. That we are simply not good enough. Too old, too young, not good looking enough, not smart enough. Each time we tell ourselves these things, we add one more vote to become them. The mind has this incredible power to bring into this world whatever we fixate on. Yet what can be the harshest critic, can be the most powerful ally. Lets leverage those thoughts to our best advantage.

Starting the session off was a team warmup,3 rounds each where person 1 bikes and person 2 performs a list of movements to get ready. Each round on the bike we visualise our athletes on picking up pace for them to find there tempo for this workout. After that we got our athletes practice on there posture and positioning for this movement with a stick on the back and keeping that backline and head in a straight line, whilst leaning forward.

After that we got the barbells out and prepared with a barbell cycle. then letting our athletes et there weigh up on pick a kettle bell for the workout, Spec warmup was 4 reps of each movement. Then getting our athletes in heats 3…2…1 Lets GO

Everyone had found the perfect tempo for them to attacking this workout in the best way for each person and performed in the best way. To end the awesome fun off was a midline after party, a tabata ( 8 rounds, 20secs work and 10sec rest) of side plank 4time on the leftside and right side and finally hollow hold with a kicking motion.

Keep the Fun and hard work coming



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