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Team Space cadets 4th.June.2020

Today we had not the best of weathers, but has not stopped us before and is not stopped us today. Team Space cadets is a fun team 2 workout for time, splitting the reps how ever you want. Each team mate has to perform 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of double db front squats, with a team hill run between each set. We added a twist at the end of the workout the last hill run with there db making it extra challenge.

For people that could not do hill rund we asked that they do 100m farmers walk with there db instead. Did not want to keep everyone in the rain as long as they needed to, so we made a quick warmup session. doing 3 rounds off stretching the legs to get the lower part of the body ready for this leg day

After getting everyone use to the weight and movement, we got the spec warm-up on the way. 2 rounds of 4 db squats and 20 jumping jacks, giving everyone a min to get ready and gam plan. 3..2…1 GO

Everyones performance was on point today making use of being in this weather and keeping the tempo going .Great job guys

SOMMERKAMPANJE – Vi holder åpnet med mer timer enn noen gang igjennom sommeren ☀️✔️ – Da med strenge smittevernrutiner 🙌. Vi har åpent NÅ og åpner for trening inne 15.juni💥💪😃. Se link under for en oversikt over kontraktene du kan velge om du kommer hjem i Sommer. Vi vil gjerne ha deg hos oss 

Staying at home for summer, or having friends and family back to visit. We have a deal giveaway that will help everyone out and make everyone a lot happier, check the post on our page to found out details



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