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Team Nate - 14.Februar.2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Good monday Verftet, hope everyone had a awesome weekend. For everyone today we had a team workout which we switch from movement to movement with your partner and going through a very tough workout, with some heavy weight moving and high gymnastic skill for some and others its putting in that work to help you all with that skill set to get you where you are wanting to go

A tough workout to get through but not being alone in this workout is sometimes needed unless you are wanting to be superman level today, I think having some time to practice some gymnastic work is something we really need during class. But also if you are wanting to get something you like to do, you gonna have to make the choice go to the other room and put the work in to get what you are wanting to do

We have some merch still around here at verftet and wanting you to have them, not to have us keep them here. Buy some for your self or for someone else

News -

The crossfit open is around the corner so signing up is still there if you are wanting to see where your level of fitness is now and take the year to find out what you are needing to work on to get there.

But also joining in on a fun social event and join in with alot of people, fun times still to come

The dirt dive course has finally been announced to start on the 28th feb, so if you are needing to get better at mental toughness, get better at conditioning and overall have a idea on how to attack workouts. What are you waiting for join in on the group and get to be ready for whatever we or life throws at you

great work on your skill work today guys- see you all tomorrow - Ben



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