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"Strengthening Together" 03.12.2021

Wait, what?! A blogpost in the morning. Yessir!

We had four classes this morning and then cleaned up to start prepping for the Juleball.

The WOD had some heavy barbells, a lot of repetitions, and some practice for synchronized dance moves. Just what we needed on a friday.

During the rest of the day, athletes can still do Egentrening in the Lifting room. I don't know what will be going on there, but they have all the equipment available so can go bananas!

I would like to take this occasion to also thank our members that won't be at the Juleball tomorrow. Andreas will probably put this more nicely in an extended speech, but here it goes. In 2021, we saw some special times. We asked a lot of everybody's flexibility, loyalty, and perseverance. We faced whatever regulations were in place, found a way to work with it, and kept building fun and fitness. We train for life and you know what, life's not always easy (joke for adults here).

We are thrilled though, to do this with all of our community and wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for helping us in any way you could. By showing up and smiling, by returning as soon as you felt safe, or by staying a member even though you couldn't train for a while.

We will have the Juleball tomorrow, 12 days of Christmas, and a bunch of fun team workouts coming up in December. Yes, there will be more challenges and changes coming, but we are ready to face them all. Together with you, our community. Thanks so much for being there.

See you soon, we are doing awesome things with awesome people. Living the dream!




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