Rush Hour – 2.November.2020

“Intention drives behavior.”

If we were to walk into the grocery store with a list of eight items to purchase, we’re in there for 10 minutes.

If we were to walk into the grocery store without a list, we end up walking the isles for 30 minutes, and find ourselves staring at a bar of chocolate in t he dessert isle.

Our behavior is what is going to define our success. And it is no different than the grocery list in our pocket. Line items of decisions and principles that we choose. Whether you step into the gym with a clear intention, or you are just coming in to fool around a bit,

completely changes the course of your workout or your progression of fitness. Of course we come here to have fun, but those two things can go hand in hand. Think about your plan, think about your intention. Why do you train? What do you want to get out of today’s workout? Take it with you and rock the show!

Intention is everything.

Before we go into todays workout, we have 2 announcements:

Signing up for classes

Lately, we’ve had people wanting to sign up last minute but couldn’t, showing up and asking for a spot. Of course that’s fine if there is a spot, but if there isn’t one, you’d come to the gym for nothing.

Therefor, for now on you can sign up until 1 minute before the class starts. This makes it a lot easier to manage the amount of people coming into the class and eliminating the risk of you coming into the gym for nothing.

We ask then that you also don’t show up if you don’t have a spot. If you see a spot, claim it! Also, the classes look pretty full at the moment, but we also experience a lot of late cancels. So if you don’t have your favorite timeslot, look at it last minute and it’s yours!

The boys versus The girls.

Spoiler alert: The boys win.

Ladies, your dressing room is a freaking mess. Whole Team Verftet is trying our best to keep the dressing rooms tidy, but there keeps little flocks of toiletpaper all over the place.

So, a request: Please use the blowdryers to dry your hands, use toilet paper to dry other things than your hands.. This way, we make the vegans happy, save the polar bears and trees and the poor hands of the coach that has to clean it every night (Yours truly, Mart):)

Today’s workout

Then on with today’s workout. Not the easiest start of you monday, we know. We like it that way!

Some stretching, some biking, to warm the body up and get the last bits of alcohol out of your system. And since today was a nice conditioning piece, and there’s not much to explain about the bike and the burpee, we got a bit more time to play around with the power snatch. Which was good, since we were not planning on working too light and everybody can use a good snatch training. A lot of practice and playtime later, it was go time, 5 intervals of the 3 movements of today. With your slowest round being your score of today, going balls out in the first round was the plan. Working through the movements would only take around 3 minutes, and how big are your chances of dying in 3 minutes right? Well, the pictures speak for themselves:) Have a great week guys!


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