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Power Snatch + Scarface - 29.November.2021

For the start of this week we got into some lifting and oh did we lift today, getting to work on that complex but well worth lift for 15min the power snatch. Those barbells went flying today either working on that technique or seeing how far we can go for todays capabilities

Moving into scarface a workout, where we are working on our lifting with various weights whilst being tired. What can get that job done why not bar facing burpee. Working on a technique, many reps whilst having the breathing and heart rate going crazy.

Pace Pace Pace is always a good thing to do in workouts and this one is no different and if you felt like you was not going to finish this workout in under 15min, then a option for us was to do a 15min amrap and see how many round we can do with that same game plan and work

Great job today guys getting that step closer into a great form of fitness for what life throws at you. See you all here tomorrow for another good sweat fest - Ben



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