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Pirate’s Booty – 3.december.2020

Second day in a row that we had a 26 minute AMRAP or actually it was supposed to be not but the bench presses were heavier than expected! Only a few of you made it to finish this long workout before the clock beeped. Really good job guys, impressive! Today’s workout was a fun, triplet, buddy workout. We combined 3 exercises which are all three are heavy on the forearms. Something you would not maybe think about in the first instance if you read the workout and something which is not if you know where to compensate with other muscles. 🙂 For instance you could choose to row more with the legs and have the handle softly in the hands to safe your grip for the KB Swings and trying to use more legs in the Bench Presses too, to safe here also some forearm strength. Feeling the forearms or not the heaviest part was still the Bench Press were we asked you guys to make 75 reps with a pretty heavy weight! And I will tell you guys that you can feel this tomorrow, but that should not be your excuse to miss the big fun of what we have on the menu. You will all regret if you don’t come tomorrow so book the last free spots !!

Pirate’s Booty # 3 Rounds For Time: 1000/800 Meter Row 100 Russian Kettlebell Swings @32/24kg 50 Bench-Press @70/45kg

Yes yes yes the ceiling of the kitchen is getting in! Good work guys!



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