Old Time Fun Time - 22.Juni.2021

Well it has been a while since we have done a workout like this cause of covid times. But the time has come to bring back a old classic of ours. We are working with team 2 again, we are working on a station of ski,row and bike for as many cal for 12min per machine. changing with your partner every 30secs to get a high conditoning interval training in, after the 12min we had 30secs to write down your score and move on to the next stations.

We dont let people sit on benchs, because this is how legends are made hahaha

The music was up, good and happy vibes throughout the day and sweat, dead bodies lying on the floor at the end. Could not ask for more with todays workout

Some of us tried to think we are taller than we think on the bike, for others we thought it would be easy and go all out at the start. Nothing but a good day to have today

In the crossfit world we always have problems with something whether it would be strenght, gymnastics or conditioning. If your problem is conditioning (aerobic capacity), There is one man that everyone wants tips from to get the best of there condition from games athletes to the everyday crossfitters. That person in Chris Hinshaw, this man is the god of knowing about condition and how to get the body and mind wanting to do running. For me i highly recommend to look him up and see if that this guy can help you out in any way


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