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Kicking and Screaming – 12.August.2020

After yesterdays workout running in the sun, We thought it was best to get back into what crossfit is all about. So for today we got a 20min amrap (as many rounds/reps as possible), for each round we had to complete. 10 power snatchs, 20 over head squats, 30 toes to bar and finally 40 db hang clean and jerk.

To start the day off we got everyone on the babell and started the barbell cycle, then moving onto our pull-up bar and working on those toes 2 bars. After which we got to do our snatchs, breaking down the movements for everyone to work on making some very pretty lifts. Then it was our overhead squats for some this is easy and for others very hard to do, working on limitations and mobility for improvement. if the movements was not there for people and today was not the day for overhead squats, then our athletes had done back squats instead. Finally the last movement to work on the db clean and jerks, making sure everyone was not bicep curling they db. Put making the clean and jerks look oh so nice

Then we gived time for our athletes to prepare there stations for the workout, once they had everything ready the spec warmup was on the go. 3 power snatch, 3 overhead squats and 6 clean and jerks ( 3 left and 3 right)

When everyone is warm and ready 3….2….1… LETS GO. each round was going to take time to finish, but the idea of this workout is to keep the breaks reasonable and focus on the sets whilst to keep moving and to not drop that barbell for the overhead squats.

Just want to point out in this blogg guys. We are not making our own rules for this covid times. we follow FHI and the goverments rules and requirments, we hope that everyone respects this and try the up-most effort to help us keep this in check and to help others feel relaxed and welcomed like we always have. Also to point out, when the nice weather is out, we feel being inside will do everyone no good. Unless we are training, so can we ask everyone to be oustide and enjoy the nice weather with the group. But of course being 1 metre distance and have a cup of coffee with the fun and smiles thank you Awesome job everyone, See you all tomorrow



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