Karen 22.april.2022

God Fredagskveld folkens!

Today we did a benchmark followed by a spicy bit of accessory work.

The fun part about logging benchmarks in SugarWOD is that the software recognizes your performance, covers your screen in confetti if you get your best performance to date, and tells you you are awesome. A nice visual representation of what that feels like is this:

  • Tuva did the Age Group Online Qualifier workout to take a shot at qualifying for the CrossFit Games today!

  • Thomas and Margrete are in Oslo this weekend to take the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course #bringinghometheknowledgebombs

  • Tomorrow we have our weekly Bring-A-Friend classes, with a Barnevakt for the kids to go loco and smoothies afterward.

  • Tomorrow we will have a Verftet-classic social event by hosting a Game Night (starting from kl. 18:00).

  • We are starting a new round of the Sunn & Sprekk course due to popular demand. Helene will run this edition on Mondays and Thursdays and start on the 2nd of May. That does not leave a lot of time to consider this. If you want to join or know somebody that would like to, act fast!

Good push on the workout today guys. A great week of training is behind us and you tackled every challenge we threw at you. Keep that up, we have some more challenges coming next week!

Have a good night, good weekend, we'll meet again soon!



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