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Huggies – 16.juli.2020 (& you winning a T-Shirt)

We need names! Team Verftet has been thinking about the names for the Three different rooms for a while now, but in our team meetings we´re not getting any further than Red Room/Lifting Room, Black Room and Glass room. That´s why we´ve decided to leave it up to you. So:

Do you have a nice suggestion for how to call our different rooms of the box: The lifting room in the back, the main room and the area in the front of the glass door where you can do egentrening? Please mail them to with subject ´names´. If you have the most original, coolest or most fantastic names, in other words, if your name gets chosen, you´re winning a piece of Verftet-clothes by choice. So here´s you chance to finally get that sexy Verftet Girls Tanktop or your HighFiveSomePeople shirt without paying a dime for it! Send in your names as soon as possible to and win win win!!

Then the workout of today, Huggies. Today´s workout made me think about one of the Quotes in the Red Room: ´One day you´ll thank me for this. Today is not that day, and tomorrow is not looking good either´

For Time: 800 Meter Run 15-12-9: Front Squats Chest to Pull-ups 800 Meter Run

15-12-9: Thrusters Pull-ups

800 Meter Run

We had some cool stuff today, some barbells, some pull-ups, and then there was running. Lots of likes, also lots of dislikes.

Now the big question comes up towards the end of the timecap: I got 2 minutes left until the Timecap, do I still have to go for the run. This is not a question towards the coach, but usually more a question towards yourself. Why are you here? Why did you come to train today? I guess not to be comfortable, since my coach is a hell of a lot more comfortable than most of my trainings. If you are feeling good and came here to train today, it might be worth it going for that last run. You might not like running. You might be tired. But you also might want to get better out of todays training, and that last 800 meter run is a big step towards getting better. It´s more than just running 800 meters, step for step. It´s a free extra training in running under fatigue. It´s an personal achievement to go for that run, even though you hate running and you have a choice not to do it. It´s creating mental and physical toughness, through learning to handle being uncomfortable. It´s pushing yourself to not stop when you´re tired, but when the work is done. I love this stuff. It really makes me glow inside if I see somebody storming out of the door for a 2 min run with 25 seconds on the clock. So next time if you ask your coach, don´t ask if you still have to do it, but ask if you still can do it!

Also the peeps from the Bedriftstime with Samantha did a great job with learning toes to bar!! Kjell did his first Kipping TTB and is really looking forward to the gymnastics course! That same Kjell also forgot his water bottle so had to use the pink bottle of his daughter!😂 🙈

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