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hellhole 5th.Juni.2020

To end the week off and to get ready for our weekend again, we had a workout today called hellhole. A amrap ( as many reps as possible) intervals were each amrap you had to do 35 double unders (jump ropes), 5 burpees over db and for the remaining time had to make as many pretty devil presses as possible. You get the chance to stop when you have completed 50 devil presses, if not you worked through till the end of the workout

Started today workout with 16 rounds of 30 sec work to get us warm and ready, whilst practicing our jump ropes. Then we got started on prepping our devil presses and burpees, making sure everyone is ready and safe to attack this workout with full force.

Then the clock is on count down 3…2…1 lets go. keeping that mental game and focusing on each amrap with the best abilities and getting as many devil presses as they can. after each amrap is done everyone had got a 2 min break to prepare for the next amrap. Devil presses is a challenging movement and also for some du, but everyone throughout the day had determination to get those movements in and getting to the finishing line

Awesome job everyone and have fantastic weekend



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