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HellBike - 1. February. 2022

After are ver quick 10min sprint workout i bet our bodies are feeling a little sore to continue the week off. So we wanted to test out the lung capacity, but you would not be alone it was a team 2 workout so you got to share this with someone other than the sharing it in the class.

Having a long duration of 30min biking for max cals is hard enough, but it would be the perfect chance for everyone here to test there paces and try to getting use to the bike. having the idea of having 30sec of work and 30sec of rest seems easy and not much but it can be more than enough if you can push yourself and also getting to know yourself in many ways. which can work out for your conditioning and for future workouts

After that we wanted you guys to have a shoulder test after party having a 5min hold with a sandbag or wall ball. To be honest what a challenge that was and great job for you all that joined in

We had Thomas Askeland having his first class today, i would say he was nervous but are we not all like that when trying something new. But looking at his class today he did a great job and looking forward to more of that thomas vibe in the future, Great class today Thomas. Andrea took her sun and sprek course with flying colours, having the group under the basic of what we do here and seemed like everyone had enjoy there time

We have the crossfit open coming very soon and want to have a awesome community back that we always had if you are wanting to join in and sign up, please write your name down on the whiteboard so we can have a idea of who is joining us through what happenes every year and make a fun time. You also dont have to take part in it having you with us and supporting us through it, is just as important. so please join in and lets make it a good time to remember.

Todays winners of this hellbike workout is olav and thor øystein taking the lead and winner of the echo bike nice job guys

Well after all that guys hope you had a great day and evening and see you guys for the next round of what we are challenging you on - Ben



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