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Heavy Squat and Tabata Bottom-to-Bottom squats 07 juni 2022

When you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders; squat.

God kveld Folkens!

We kick this week off on a Tuesday (feels like a Monday) with a repeat of our build to a heavy 1-back squat. 8 weeks ago we did "Hakuna Masquata", a whole hour filled with squats. We followed that up with a weekly 20 rep back squat and now got to re-test to see what we got out of those training sessions. The stars on the whiteboard indicate a new PR for athletes and boy do we have a sky full of stars tonight!

The dessert to today was probably some of the hardest air squats you have felt in a while. It's great training though, to spend a little time in the bottom position of your squat and practice a lot of reps of consistent squatting.

Tomorrow we vary our focus to another skill and part of the body, still fun!

We hope to see you then for another fun workout and chip away at building more fitness.

See you tomorrow!

Thaddeus & Margrethe



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