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Dodgeball – 24.august.2020

Today’s training consisted of two parts. We started the workout with some heavy front squats. In a time window of 12 minutes you had time build up to a heavy complex of 1 pause front squat (with a 2 second pause in the bottom position) followed by 1 regular front squat. After we had warmed up the legs it was time for the workout of the day: ‘Dodgeball’ 10 rounds for time of 15 Goblet Squat 1 Hillrun Because of all the rain today it was hard to know if you were wet of the rain, sweat or tears. But we know that you all did a great job and will be reminded to this workout for a couple of days when you go to the toilet or step out of the car. One more day before the weekend starts. See you all tomorrow for a new fantastic fabulous workout!



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