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Diddly Squat

Allright, allright, so we’ve had enough biking for this week? Well, then we run! After all the anaerobic work of yesterday (where the melkesyre is more the limiting factor than the breathing), it was time for some aerobic conditioning piece.

To create this piece, we’ve glued together an 800m run, 20 toes-to-bar and 10 front squats at a medium heavy weight (because, aerobic, not too much melkesyre remember!). A nice one lap around the block brought us back into the gym, ready to perform 20 toes to bar. Weather you should break these up or not, was totally up to you. Followed by 10 nice front squats to burn through those legs, just before the run again.

The nice thing about todays workout was mainly that it’s only 3 rounds. This allowes you to trick yourself a bit, especially when running is not your favorite. When you are running for the first time, you are still fresh so it is not too bad. When you are running the second time, the mental game you can play with yourself is a thought-pattern like ”ooh well, after this I only have to run one more time.” And during the last run, it’s your last run, so what the hell, go for it! Totally different mindgame than doing 800meters for 20 minutes, where tricking yourself is a lot harder. The same basically goes for the Front squats. 10 front squats is heavy, it is supposed to be heavy, but it is do-able to keep that bar on your chest. Because after the first squat clean, it is only nine left. How bad can that really be? Well as the pictures down here show quite well, it can get pretty sweaty, but that’s what we like right?



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