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Body is Building - 11.Januar.2021

No 160bpm pulse and crawling over the floor today, but we don't always need that to get a good workout in. A true fit body comes from a foundation of a healthy conditioning and some proper strength, and today it was time to work on the second on of those 2.

After a quick warm-up to get the body going, we started walking you through the movements of today, beginning with a pulling variation. We did regular pull-ups for today, training mostly the latissimus and biceps! Everything had to be superstrict today, to really gain strength in all positions of the pull-ups.

Afterwards we went to one of my all-time favorite bodybuilding movements: the single arm bench press. There is almost no better movement for connecting with the hamstrings/glutes in the pressing movements than a really heavy single arm bench press. Because the heavy dumbbell will pull you into rotation, your hip-extenders (hamstrings/glutes) will have to work extra hard to keep you aligned on the bench, and thereby activating like hell! Also the obliques, side-abs, will fire nicely along, making the s.a. bench press an all-body movement. It looks like a press, it turnes out to be full-body bodybuilding.

Closing with one of Andreas' favorite bodybuilding movements: the Chinese row. Making the barbell double-tapp on top of the bench makes it extra hard, because you have to control the barbell and keep the upperback tight the whole time. And even though both the pull-ups and the row are both pulling-movements, they both target a different area of the back. The rows were more connected to the mid-back (low-traps and rhomboids for the nerds among us).

A nice upperbody day today, to start the week of a bit easy. Let's bring it on!

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