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Arms wide open 21.09.1985

Good evening! Thaddeus here and today, and for a change, I did not think about the name of today's workout in a song all day. That is because a band called Creed did release a single called "with arms wide open" in 2000, but it is hardly a song to remember.

So on to today's workout; high volume, lots of technically complex movements, and confusing names on the whiteboard. We hope that you either went full send today in the workout or learned a thing or two that will prepare you better for the next workouts that are coming up. This distinction between coming to train (read: improve) or coming to win (read: compete) is a beautiful one. You can also see it when approaching Crossfit as a training methodology (improve for life) or approaching Crossfit as a sport (be better than your opponents).

The champ Rich Froning once put it this way "in training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up".

Today we also saw the first people wearing our new sweaters and shirts and using those stunning gym bags in the wild. Have you noticed the details inside the collar?

The lifting room has been very busy today as well. The teens put in some great effort, we had another long and challenging workout on the Dirt Dive, and our Tuesday edition of Bring-A-Friend.

All in all, another special day at Verftet.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, thanks for showing up, thanks for listening, thanks for another day of putting in the hard work. Enjoy your well-earned rest to make sure that tomorrow you are ready to put another great day in the books. Because once that alarm goes or the sunshine peaks in between the curtains, you better make the best of it!




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