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5 rep backsquat + test 22 January 2020

Eskild hitting a awesome 170kg 5 rm Beast Mode

After a long period of doing are 20rep backsquat strength program. The time has come to see if it worked out for all of us today.

Strong and heavy workout today means focus and great technique to make it to those heavy 5 reps pr´s, for some being the first time and find out just how strong they can lift 

Started the day off with rowing to 120m, if you didnt reach that metre target you got jumping lunge punishment. After that it was a good time to take a long stretch and kb flow to get the body ready for those backsquats.

Everyone went into there teams of 2/3, practiced on there squats without weight. Then it was 3..2…1.. lift and seeing if 20 reps was enough to get a new 5rep pr

Everyones energy was on point, focusing on the lifts, while keeping good form and having they partners spot for them. Also supporting them to get them through there mental walls and finish victorious 

Awesome job guys getting those new prs today

Hard Work Pays Off 



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