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5 Minute Major 24 mai 2022

God kveld folkens!

We had another nice combo on the menu today. Our second to last of the "weekly" 20 rep back squats (last week is your last chance to PR these!), and then two 5:00 AMRAPS.

The squats had people go up and down, the AMRAPS had people go upside down. Good thing there was a 5-minute break in there too.

I'm sure every athlete found a challenging movement today. Wether you could use some more practice with the jump rope, were trying to get big unbroken sets of toes-to-bars or free-wrestled a bit with the heavy dumbells, it all boils down to the same thing.

People like us, CrossFitters, do hard things. We practice, recover, return and get better.

I didn't want to keep this gangster squatting from you. Not a criminal but looking dangerously nonetheless.

At the end of the day, we had a whiteboard full of scores and names. 3 different scores, just the way you can log them in the SugarWOD app. I highly recommend you do that, especially the weights on the squats. The app will remember your performance and bring it up again next time we squat.

That's all, have a good night of sleep. Give Andrea a high-five from me when she gets back on shore at the end of the week!


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